Implant Retained & Hybrid Appliances


A Hybrid Appliance is a special type of implant supported prosthesis often referred to as a “hybrid denture,”  it combines the advantages of a fixed replacement with those of a removable denture.   It is especially suitable for those who have lost a considerable amount of jawbone over time due to missing or extracted teeth. 

A hybrid denture requires placing four or more implants in the jaw, depending on the jawbone size and shape.  After the implants heal, they are connected to abutments which can be screwed into a metal framework.  The hybrid denture is fixed and does not require it be removed everyday like regular dentures because it is screw retained into the dental implants. 

Hybrid dentures are less bulky and more stable and do not shift against the jaw bone unlike traditional dentures.  This stability helps avoid soreness which can happen beneath dentures when food becomes trapped.   

Patients who wear a hybrid appliance often enjoy a wider variety of foods more comfortably.

With any dental replacement, good oral hygiene is crucial to long term success.  The hybrid denture is designed for you to be able to clean easily underneath.  A professional maintenance treatment is recommended at least twice a year to evaluate, replace components, screws or adjust the hybrid appliance if indicated.